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Is That Lady Gaga at the Delancey Duane Reade, Sans Pants?

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Another pantsless lady Gaga sighting—could it be? She's already turned up sans bottoms at ABC Carpet and been spotted (ironically enough) in the meat section at the Whole Foods on Bowery, and now it looks like she may have just turned up at a Duane Reade on Delancey, renting a movie from a Blockbuster express. What, she doesn't have Netflix?

Bowery Boogie reader Nicky Seeza snapped the photo below, and the lack of pants either means one of two things: Either that's definitely Lady Gaga, or that NYU students have now officially adopted the no-pants trend. Here's hoping for the former.

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Duane Reade

100 Delancey Street New York NY 10002