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Glenn O'Brien on How To Be A Man: Throw Out Your Flip-Flops

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O'Brien via Getty; book cover via <a href="">Slamxhype</a>
O'Brien via Getty; book cover via Slamxhype

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On April 26, Glenn O'Brien, the legend who for years has written GQ's "The Style Guy" column, will be releasing a book called How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman. To no one's surprise, the book will serve as the ultimate sartorial and etiquette guide for the modern man. Chances are you recognize O'Brien's face, his silver-white hair, or his soft-spoken demeanor. But now he's compiling all his advice in a bright-green bounded form—everything from how to put together a wardrobe for a jaunt to Bermuda ("pack more clothes for less dressing") to when it's appropriate to wear flip-flops in public (one word: "never").

Recently, G.O.B chatted with A Continuous Lean about his new book, and we pulled some highlights. Consider this the appetizer to the main course, which will be making its way to you shortly. Let the countdown begin!

On Thom Browne: "I like the idea of Thom Browne, and I like the way it looks on people, but it just doesn't work for me. The pants don't fit me. Oddly it's the waist that doesn't work, I don't know why."

On the wise words Mr. Ralph Lauren told him: "If it doesn't look right now, it never looked right."

On his hang-ups: "Flip-flops, fanny packs, backpacks, baseball caps, skiing clothes in the city. It's a lack of sense of occasion. Any major sport league licensed merchandise, not in a stadium."

Where he thinks men are dressing well: "Italy, Paris. London is interesting, because the men look so much better than the women. The women all kind of look upholstered. You always see something funny in Paris. Like a guy wearing a tortoiseshell headband to hold his hair back. And the Italians do English better than the English."

On digital entrepreneurship: "I mean if you look at it, the best things on the Internet are all done by entrepreneurial young people, you know like The Selby or that crazy girl who does Man Repeller. It's this girl who's like this Upper East Side, Park Avenue, Jewish girl, who's sort of like the fashion Sarah Silverman."
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