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Trade Talents, Oddities, Even Taxidermy at the Blu Dot Swap Meet

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Inspired by the "auction utility of eBay and the downright oddity of Craigslist," home design store Blu Dot is currently allowing bartering as an acceptable method of payment. Log on to their website, and you can offer up things like song-singing, skywriting, and "stupid human tricks" as a trade for some of their items, as well as vote on other bids and see what the hell some people are willing to trade for a desk set. The fun ends on March 11th; so far, accepted swaps include an epic college kegger for a Buttercup Chair, a Texas BBQ feast for a Paramount Sofa, and someone's entire spork collection for a Scoop Task Chair.—Tiffany Yannetta
· Blu Dot Swap Meet [Official Site]