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Cowboy Shop Closes on Third; Anthropologie's Cardigan Fatigue

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UPPER EAST SIDE—Jeremiah's Vanishing New York reports on the sad story of Billy Martin's, the upscale cowboy gear boutique on Third Avenue and 61st Street founded by former Yankee's manager Billy Martin. After 32 years, it seems the Upper East Side just can't support a high-end cowboy shop run by a former baseball manager, and so the shop is shuttering. [VNY]

EVERYWHERE—A commenter weighs in on the debate about why Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters have had such a rough six months, sales-wise. "Both brands have a serious problem with what merchandisers call 'product sort'—there are too many too similar items, and it leads to 'discernment fatigue.' Said plainly, how many variations on the open-front drapey cardigan does any one woman need?!? Years ago Anthro foregrounded quirk, but still kept a trained eye on the fundamental design qualities of its apparel. Now they just stick doilies and randomly strewn ribbons and pointless pseudo-floral bits on ho-hum staples and charge double for the 'embellishment.' At the same time, they kept raising the median price point for each class of item, hoping shoppers would be too 'gobsmacked' (read: overstimulated) to notice..." [Racked Comments]

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