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Buckler's Sale: Go for the Jeans, Leave with a Tux

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Wondering whether a trip to Buckler's Meatpacking District shop for the menswear brand's semiannual sample sale is worth the time or the trek? Let the $25 denim answer your question.

The label's signature jeans—they usually retail for about $200—are plentiful, organized in boxes by size (every size) and available in a multitude of fits and colors. There are drop-crotch versions, skinnies, boot-fits, a pair with built-in suspenders, plain pockets and slightly overwrought pockets, in faded and over-dyed and washed and raw and bright red. Find two pairs you want, and they'll knock $10 off the total. So, there's that.

Otherwise, there seems to be a glut of rerun overstock—someone just cleaned out a storage closet or something. We've seen these pieces before, but the prices and the assortment of styles and sizes are fantastic so we don't really mind. Woven shirts are also only $25—there's a semi-sheer piece with opaque banding, a playing card print, a chain link fence motif, a toile, contrast-collared iterations and a version covered in a swarm of the brand's signature fly.

Even cheaper: Shorts are $20 while tees, tanks and assorted other random knits are a mere $15. It's a hunt, though. Everything is stacked and shuffled in a series of gigantic boxes. Look for tailored gray heather sweat shorts with a sewn-in cuff, glen plaid dress shorts, scratch-printed tanks, and a red tee over-printed with a black American flag and a monster truck.

Otherwise, light jackets and casual blazers are $50. There's a cobalt blue rain coat, corduroy sports jackets embroidered in flies and embellished with patch pockets, and a few standard jean jackets. Some of the best deals might be on a $70 rack of blazers—gray felted double-breasted blazers, work- or play-appropriate standard black or gray suit jackets, cropped tuxedo blazers with satin lapels, a sportified jersey version in cranberry embroidered with a patch or two.

Sweaters and hoodies are also a great deal at $25, with heavier knits and cashmere priced at $70. Some all-over printed sweatshirts were throw-back adorable, and we loved a thick gray henley sweater with a burgundy Aztec motif and leather buttons as well as a series of macro-cableknit cableknits in navy. It being March, though, we decided to leave it all on the rack. Likewise a series of very handsome wool coats, which might be worth storing until fall considering the $70 price tag.

On the way out, pick up some $5 pairs of slutty briefs and undershirts packaged in Buckler's signature cigarette pack packaging—impulse buys! But do skip the terrible shoes.

The sale runs through Sunday, credit cards are accepted, and if you have the patience to wait in line there are absolutely dressing rooms available.
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