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Construction on the UWS Century 21 Has Commenced

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The demise of the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble may still be fresh on everyone's mind, but the Century 21 is wasting no time in moving into its new Upper West Side digs. Workers in hardhats and un-ironic plaid shirts are carting boards in, hauling debris out and generally pounding away. The work is largely shrouded behind tarp obscuring all the ground floor windows and glass doors from front to back. You need to either peek into an open door during daylight hours or peer through a telescopic lens from a neighboring building's upper floor to catch a glimpse of the development.

Now, what exactly is a "Joe Gas Can"?

When we chased down a worker in the midst of a coffee run, he said that the store should be ready by the end of this year. Right now, it looks like the interior is in the midst of the initial gutting. As construction progresses, we're predicting more workers and activity taking up the corner of Broadway and 66th Street. Upper West Siders should probably take this busy time as a practice period to ready themselves for the impending hordes of shoppers who will soon descend upon the nabe.
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Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007 Visit Website

Century 21

1972 Broadway, New York NY