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Everything at the Brooklyn Industries Dumbo Sale is $50 or Less

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Brooklyn Industries kicked off the opening of its Dumbo outpost this morning with a monster sale offering past season and sample womenswear, menswear and accessories starting at $2 and topping out at just $50. We know, the sale was originally advertised as $40 or less, but adding a ten-spot more for a men's $50 winter coat (ladies coats are lighter-weight and $40) isn't that bad.

The price lists for both ladies and gents are posted all over the store, plus certain racks also have price designations. To follow Emily Post's etiquette rules, let's go with ladies first. Non-samples are located on the left of the store. Pricing runs $10 for tees (already in a jumble in cubbie shelves near the door), $15 for tops, skirts and pants, $20 for sweaters, $25 for dresses and fleece knits/jackets and $40 for outerwear and jackets. Standouts on the racks included a punchy sky-blue and purple ikat skirt and a magenta v-neck studded shoulder sweater dress.

Definitely dig around the overstock, too, because we randomly uncovered a belted cap-sleeve JF & Sons plaid dress ($20) and a slouchy heather grey Drew tank with black lace overlay (sorry, we bought it for $20). Also, a word of warning: If you're size small or extra-small, you'll have to dig even harder to find styles. We saw mostly mediums, larges and extra-larges on the floor.

Which leads us to the women's samples, which are located near the front right of the sale. For those weary of prohibitive size zero samples, you're in luck. Brooklyn Industries samples are real-people-sized—roughly a six or medium. The sample pricing is two-tiered: First "clean" (meaning unmarked and usually with no label) priced from $5 to $30 and second "sample" (meaning with pen marks) priced from $2 to $25.

Menswear is located on the right of the store. Pricing runs $10 for tees, $15 for long sleeve knits, polos and pants, $20 for wovens, sweaters and button-downs, $25 for fleece, $30 for blazers and jackets and $50 for winter coats (lots of puffies and wool-blend styles). We really dug the Navajo and bold stripe knit sweaters stacked on the middle table. It seemed like the men had more selection in terms of size than the ladies.

Men's samples are also located toward the front of the store, next to the women's. Pricing is also two-tiered and the same as the ladies' samples above. We saw lots of button downs, fleece and jackets.

As for accessories, there are tons of bags everywhere, from women's vivid print handbags to men's (or unisex, really) backpacks and messenger bags. All are $25.

Dressing rooms are not available for the sale, so dress accordingly. Also, the credit and debit system were down today and there is no ETA on when they'll be back up, so bring cash. All stock is out on the floor and we overheard a staffer saying that the prices are final.
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