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Cloak Yourself in Lindsey Thornburg and Sophomore at Court's Sale

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Over at the Court sale, $50 can get you pretty far. Head to the Nolita boutique for deals up to 80% off the original price of faves like Lindsey Thornburg and Sophomore. $500 can get you the farthest, with coveted cloaks by Thornburg marked down to $450 from their original $1,000+ price tag. Best of all, Sophomore tees start at 17 bucks, so whether you're looking to be draped in Aztec prints or just some basic cotton, the sale is worth a swing by.

Thornburg is arguably the spotlight, with aforementioned cloaks ranging from $450 to $600, stretchy mini dresses for $20 to $80, and if you're feeling festive, a black and white Mariachi jacket for $300. Our favorite has to be the totem pole print, and if you love it, you can own it three ways: As pants ($75), a long shirt ($40) or column dress ($100).

With the Sophomore selections, you get the best of both worlds; thicker cardigans and sweaters average out at around $35 and summer-weight tees and tanks are no more than $35 ($20 for most). With rumors of weekend replenishment, we'll probably head back before the sale ends on Saturday.—Tiffany Yannetta
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