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James Perse, Take 2: New Soho Boutique Looks Ready to Go

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We popped over to the new James Perse store at 60 Mercer Street on Monday, dreaming of surf and sand and hoping for a touch of all those California cottons. But despite the best of intentions, and a weekend of non-stop work, the new Soho shop didn't open as scheduled. "Tuesday," we were told. The black vinyl that blocked the windows was down, and inside lots of last minute touches were being tended to. From out front, where Perse has re-purposed some sidewalk art laid down by street artist Hani Shihada back in 2009, we managed to get a peek of what James Perse has to offer.

A whole range of cushy cottons are tucked away behind some noir-inspired venetian blinds doubling as shelves. One wall is stacked high with Perse's favorite books, featuring everything from Rover to Antarctica. Also on view are a collection of limited-edition specials, most conspicuously the orange Perse Cruiser, a vintage-styled bike that is too cool for school. Unfortunately the popular Perse trikes were not on hand (sadly, they're all sold out). Since the two-wheeler carries a price tag of $2,500 we decided it best to find a mega-lock and chain before plopping down the cash and riding off into the Soho sunset.
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