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Chloë Sevigny Plays Truth or Dare in Sophomore NYC's New Video

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In a new video from clothing line Sophomore NYC, director Cass Bird films an assemblage of NYC and LA scenesters debunking the notion that Truth or Dare is simply a game for teenagers. Sophomore founder and co-designer Chrissie Miller pulled together a slew of her friends including Chloe Sevigny, photo agent Jen Brill, writer Lelsey Arfin, and tattoo artist Scott Campbell and captured them in a vodka-infused game of tell-all. We sat down with Miller to ask some questions of our own.

Sophomore Truth or Dare from SophomoreNYC on Vimeo.

How did you come up with the Truth or Dare concept?
I recently watched Madonna's Truth or Dare, which if you haven't seen is a documentary about her Blond Ambition tour in 1990. There is a scene in the film where Madonna plays truth or dare with her dancers. I thought that would be fun to get a bunch of people in a hotel room and play the game. We wanted it to be documentary style, so we let everyone think of their own dares.

What didn't make the final cut?
Ugh, so much! If it was up to me the movie would have been an hour long! Maybe we'll make a part two.

How did you select the cast? Why was this group chosen?
I wanted a "star" like Madonna in the hotel room, which was Chloë and then I chose people she is friends with like Jen and Lesley. I then added a few cute boys who I knew would be down for whatever!

How much vodka was consumed during the shoot?
Around 12 bottles! Cast and crew!

When's the last time you played Truth or Dare? Are you a "Truth" asker or a "Dare" asker?
I like the truth questions. My friends and I play different versions of the game all the time. I like asking questions.

Now, most importantly, when can we play?

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