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Spot the Photoshop Goof! Aldo's Model Has No Torso

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Talk about over-editing. Aldo's retouchers didn't just smudge away the crease or fold that almost invariably occurs when a person leans forward while lounging—they straight up cut it out, removing the poor guys entire side-torso situation in the process. He looks sawed in half, a magic trick gone terribly wrong. And that can't be comfortable.

We have two questions: With nothing in them and nothing to fasten around, how are the pants staying up? And with all the trouble taken to make those shadows and reflections look just so, how did no-one pick up on the fact that there's literally a chunk missing from their model's body? At least double-check that sort of thing before plastering it across a massive billboard on Houston Street in Soho.

Whatever, suspend belief, people! Fashion!

· Aldo [Official Site]


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