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Four More Women Accuse Dov Charney of Sexual Harassment

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Yesterday, four more former American Apparel employees filed a lawsuit against company CEO Dov Charney. One of the women, Kimbra Lo, 19, tells the New York Times that she contacted Charney about possible modeling or photography jobs for the company seven months after she'd stopped working at one of the New York stores. Charney invited her to his LA home, opened the door wrapped in a towel, and tried to have sex with her. Lo says she was too afraid to resist.

This story isn't quite as bad as the one told by Irene Morales, who accused Charney of forcing her into a sexual relationship with him in a lawsuit early this month—but it certainly sounds similar. And in fact, Lo and Morales have the same lawyer, Eric Baum, who also represents the three other women in the lawsuit. (Those three have all signed confidentially agreements, so they can't discuss the details of their own complaints.)

Morales's case is currently on pause in a Brooklyn court while the judge decides whether it should be settled in arbitration. And of course, none of us know exactly what's been going on in Charney's various love nests over the past few years. According to an independent employment lawyer consulted by the Times, though, it's "a red flag" when a company requires confidentially agreements from store clerks. The lawyer also told the paper, "Any time a chief executive mixes the personal and professional it can lead to problems," which might be the most diplomatic sentence ever spoken about Dov Charney.
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