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Step Right Up, Folks: No Line at the Hermès Sale

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The infamous Hermès sale may have had significant line assemblage madness on yesterday's opening day, but on the day after, things seem to be winding down. When we headed over at lunchtime, something was definitely missing. There was no line—not even inside. We waltzed right in and proceeded immediately to the militant coat check, which was still just as intense despite the lull. The lack of a crowd is probably due to the less-than-enthusiastic reviews surrounding the sale's goods—if you're going there for bags, don't, unless you feel like spending $962.50 on the Garden File canvas tote.

The hotspots were still, of course, the large center table housing the scarves ($231) and ties ($111), where both sides were fully stocked and arranged according to bright, beautiful color. The bracelets ($215—$330) were dwindling, but that wasn't stopping everyone from clamoring over what's left. The areas that 3/4ths of the crowd doesn't really care about—equestrian, baby, and dog—were all still packed—especially the baby section, which was abundantly filled with blankets that could be mistaken for bath towels, marked down to $147.50 for the largest.

As reported on the first day, the belts (beginning at $210, though we couldn't find many of those left) are disappointing due to the minimal and bland selection. Now, sizes have been picked through as well, with the most belts in the size large bin. Extra smalls and smalls are almost on their way out. Next door, the shoe and boot area is decent; sizes 38 and up get the best picks, but there's still a full size run in most of the boots.

Back to bags: There are a ridiculous number of Garden File totes, and about three Camail shopping bags ($1137.50) and Plume travelers ($3950) left. The ready-to-wear racks still bear a vast amount of items, particularly in sizes 38 and 40. While the folded knits are significantly more sparse, there are a wide range of styles left to pick through.

We've been told they're not restocking—one of the workers told us that "everything that's here has been here," whatever that means. And while the scarves and ties are the sale's big draw, observing shopper behavior is priceless. Amidst the flutter at the bracelet counter, we observed a sales associate telling a well-heeled Hermès customer about the importance of purchasing not one, but five, scarf rings: "See, you'll never have to worry about tying a scarf again."Tiffany Yannetta
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