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The Hermès Line Started This Morning at 4:30am

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Snow? What snow? Outside private sale site Soiffer Haskin in the Garment District, obsessed Hermès fans are braving the weather for a shot at up to 70% off the luxury label's clothes, accessories, and leather goods. Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene.

8:01am: Good morning! The weather gods are not smiling down upon this morning's Hermès sale. The rain has turned to snow, but that has not deterred the determined shoppers—the line across 33rd Street seems never-ending. The first arrival came at 4:30am.

8:03am: The line has gaps for business entrances, but it hits B&H.

8:10am: We keep moving forward in short bursts, but I'm not sure why. I was hoping Soiffer Haskin would pull a Uniqlo and let us in early, but no go.

8:14am: Oh man, the snow is sticking.

8:22am: So the crowd is mixed and the first arrivals are guys. I wonder if they arrived four hours early for first dibs on ties? Most people are carrying fashion-black umbrellas, but there are random pops of color (and floral) here and there.

The end of the line circa 8:30am

8:37am: The line stretches down 33rd all the way to Ninth Avenue. I did a scan of the crowd: One Birkin, two Chanels, countless Hunters and Uggs, and one plastic bag being worn as a rain hat.

8:39am: We just moved again, so I'm thinking the first group of people went in already.

8:40am: We're getting closer. The coat/bag/scarf/hat/etc check-in process today must be a bear.

8:43am: Hey, just noticed that Soiffer Haskin didn't send any staff out here to police the line like last time—you know, when it was nice out. Are they afraid of a little wintry mix?

8:45am: Weird. There's a guy pacing up and down the line filming us with a video camera shrouded by a Soul Cycle t-shirt.

8:49am: I'm curious to see how they handle the umbrella situation. Will they provide baggies?

8:52am: OK, it's getting cold out here now. I hope they let us all in at 9.

8:55am: LX.TV is interviewing the ladies behind us. The interviewer is basically asking why we're all out here freezing out butts off today.

8:58am: The interviewee just referenced The Devil Wears Prada.

8:59am: OK, the interview will air at 5pm.

9:01am: We're getting closer to the first section, or "crossing the first divide," as the woman next to me says.

9:04am: I can see the front door now and it looks like they're letting groups of ten-ish at a time.

9:08am: Ah! Almost past the great divide, but the staffer stopped the line at us. HOLD UP: People keep cutting the line by joining in at the first section.

9:09am: Oh good, a staffer kicked them out. Lucky for them. Otherwise the lady behind me might have thrown down.

9:11am: We're in the front pen now! LX.TV is interviewing the girl next to me, who says people are going in and no one is coming out. "It's a black hole!"

A sneak peek at some bags

9:15am: In! There's a coat check, of course, and we were directed to wrap up our umbrellas. But no complimentary baggies?

9:19am: It's pretty calm up here, although the line to check out is already super-long. People are diligently shopping. Full report coming soon!

Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of the leather and scarf situation. In the meantime, feel free to check out the early reviews. Warning: They're not good.

Soiffer Haskin

317 W 33rd Street, New York, NY 718-747-1656 Visit Website

Soiffer Haskin

317 W. 33rd Street, New York NY