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Early Shoppers Give the Hermès Sale Two Thumbs Down

Image via <a href="">FashionationNY</a>/Twitpic
Image via FashionationNY/Twitpic

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Madison Avenue spy hears disappointing reviews from some Hermès sale veterans who shopped the VIP sale yesterday. She reports "absolutely no leather goods," other than a leather game mat. Her spies found only about 15 pairs of gloves, a "pitiful" selection of shoes, and only undesirable belts. Plus, the clothing is too expensive. Yeesh. We're really feeling for the people on line right now.

Meanwhile, Twitterer @FashionationNY is live-tweeting the proceedings. She arrived just 20 minutes after the 4:30 guy (here's a pic of what 33rd Street looked like at that hour) and made it into the sale about 40 minutes ago. So far, she hasn't offered many opinions, but her reports on the pricing speak for themselves. A leather-trimmed canvas logo bag is $2113; another, also canvas with leather trim, is $1713.
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