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Turns Out, Gap Did Make Those Platform Duck Boots

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You may recall that we went a bit crazy last fall stalking those elusive Pierre Hardy x Gap peep-toe, lace-up wedges, as well as those non-Pierre Hardy-designed, but just as covetable, sky-high platform lace-up ankle boots. At that point, it was thought that only two of the expected four designs made it into the store, sadly leaving a pair of algae-green wedges and lace-up platform-duck boots in the sample room.

Well, turns out that the duck boots did in fact make it to the production—albeit in basic black, not chocolate brown. Even better news: They're currently on sale for $159.99 (from $195) online and still available in sizes 37 through 41 .

Pierre Hardy x Gap wedges via Gap

The two reader reviews on the duck boot are mixed at best, but we're still quite pleased to just see the bootie available after all the brouhaha.

Further investigation (OK, perusal of the Gap site) revealed that the Pierre Hardy-designed wedge comes also in a camel and black and both styles are on sale for $89.99 (from $195). There is, however, more size choice in the camel (37 through 41), but unsurprisingly not in the black (39 through 41 only).

We have to admit that we're kind of in spring/summer mode at this point, but we do love a good deal. Plus there's free shipping on orders over $50. Now we'd love for Pierre Hardy to please make us an updated Gap summer clog.
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