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Load Up on Slouchy Tees at James Perse Round Two

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In a serious case of retail déjà vu, the James Perse sale returns, but this time to Chelsea Market. The sale, with womenswear and menswear items starting at just $10 for sample tanks, was understandably bustling when we dropped by earlier this afternoon. Since the ladies were a bit more zealous than the gents, let's start with them. Non-sample pricing runs from $15 for tanks to $25 for tees to $40 for dresses to $85 for jackets. There was one slightly confusing pricing of $40 for knits, which are actually more delicate jersey tanks. Understandably, the $15 tanks (slouchy, ribbed, fitted, etc.) and the $40 dresses (especially the long tank ones) were the hot items.

The samples start at $10 for tanks and the sample items are designated by a black slash on the tag. There weren't a ton of tops or dresses and you have to really inspect the pieces as regular items are mixed into the racks now. We also found a smattering of James Perse for SeaVees slip-ons priced at $50 (originally $150) on offer. There are also fall/winter 2010 retail items marked at 50% off toward the front, but with $15 tanks on the lower level, this area was pretty neglected.

Fans of James Perse know that the sizing runs a bit differently with zero for extra-small, one for small and so on to size four or extra-large. Ladies who wear medium and smaller may want to skip today and go first thing tomorrow, as most of those sizes were tapped out by the time we dropped by. We would suggest stalking the restocking station on the lower level for rejects from the dressing rooms if you're dying to go today.

Menswear is located on the top level and one thing the guys have over the ladies is denim. There is a rack of faded $60 jeans upstairs. Additional pricing runs $25 for short sleeve tees, $40 for polos, $40 for sweatshirts and $85 for jackets. Gents also have the fall/winter items, which feature a quilted zip-front jacket now priced at $147.50.

There is a dressing area, which had a line about ten deep. There was also a pretty substantial line to check out and cash and credit are both accepted. They will be restocking throughout the weekend, but as of now, no price reductions are expected.
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