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The Secret Tailor Hidden Behind One of Williamsburg's Staples

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New York City has more stores than anyone could physically tackle, but somehow we always keep returning to the usual suspects. To break out of the rut, we've asked some of the city's shopping and fashion gurus to provide their hidden retail gems—those unique stores around our island (and beyond) that we might not all know about. Cue The Beatles: We're about to get a little help from our friends.

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Summer must be approaching because as we've recently seen, Shopping Confidential has been getting lots of tailor recommendations. Looks like it's time to cut out some of the fabric from our wardrobes and get ready to show a little skin. Jessica Goldfond runs The Shiny Squirrel, a platform representing a slew of emerging designers, many of them based in Williamsburg. Her showroom basically acts as an incubator for smaller DIY businesses, and as expected, her recommendation certainly is hidden—in the back of an oft-visited Williamsburg staples.

"There is an amazing secret shop opening called It's Okay My Dear Secret Shop and Tailor at the back of In God We Trust's new home store on Wythe Street in Williamsburg. Ashley Cheeks is the owner and chief designer of the Brooklyn-based line, It's Okay My Dear, that specializes in limited-edition dresses and separates made from the most adorable vintage fabrics. She not only sells vintage housewares through the front of the store but also showcases her line in the back, and offers a personalized tailoring service for her collection and anything else in your wardrobe. The shop has only been open for a few months since the In God we Trust on Wythe turned exclusively into a home and jewelry store."—Yale Breslin
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Okay My Dear Secret Shop and Tailor

135 Wythe Avenue, New York NY