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It's a Beautiful Weekend For a Foley & Corinna Sale

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It feels like this Foley & Corinna sale popped up unexpectedly, like a springtime gift from the retail gods. It seemed like people were too busy enjoying this gorgeous day, or working at the office, or, let's face it, drinking their faces off in celebration of St. Patty's Day to realize that there was this massive sale going on in the LES Foley & Corinna boutique. But we're a little selfish sometimes, so the atypical calm gave us the time and space to carefully analyze the goods.

Before we start, we have some sad news—there are no samples at this sale. We know, it hurts, but there are heavily discounted bags, so let's start with that.

Pricing begins at $125 for the small bags, including the baby-size Disco City in a plethora of shades and patterns, the football shaped Mini Bowler and the Bitty Biker. The medium size ones are $150 each, and there are lots of regular sized Mid Cities to be found—metallics, plus giraffe and python print and the lipstick-red Chainy Tote, which, by the way, must weigh 200 pounds empty. The large bags are $175 each and the selection includes tons of Moto Hobos (in mulberry, gold, black and more), pewter and black Woven Hobos and triangle-studded Dumonde Hobos.

We just have to mention—though it does pain us to do so—that lately, the leather goods just don't feel quite as plush as they used to. That said, we did find ourselves stroking the Dumonde Hobo in black, which was definitely the softest of the bunch.

Even though the bags are the most sought after items, we thought that that best deals were in the dresses ($150 for embellished and $100 for non-embellished, but still eye-catching), sweaters ($75), tops ($50) and outerwear ($175). Our favorites included the sparkly chiffon-crocheted loose-knit tunic sweaters and cardies (loved the lilac and cream, and hint: They drape better in larger sizes), a sexy black leather-paneled sleeveless top (a serious bargain for $50, but only available in medium) and the drapey, asymmetrical Burnout jersey wrap dress. The outerwear rack was droolworthy with a diva-centric faux-fur trimmed and zipper-detail black leather poncho and a bunch of beautiful vintage pieces (camel leather trench, gold brocade full length coat with fur collar, we could go on).

The sale takes place in the back of the retro-influenced boutique, so the dressing rooms are available to shoppers. There are additional sizes of certain items in the back, so be sure to ask one of the very helpful and knowledgeable staffers, just in case. Otherwise, most items are out on the floor. Cash and credit are both accepted. We suggest going today before the weekend (not to mention drunk) shopping crowds descend.
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