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Uniqlo Collects Clothing Donations for Victims of Japanese Earthquake

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Note: This is a Photoshop composite, not an actual photo.
Note: This is a Photoshop composite, not an actual photo.

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In the aftermath of the largest earthquake in Japan's history, retailers are beginning to find ways to contribute to the relief effort. Uniqlo's parent company Fast Retailing has promised to donate 1.4 billion yen to organizations like the Japanese Red Cross—300 million from the company, 10 million from employees, and 1 billion from CEO Tadashi Yanai himself. They also plan to donate 700 million yen worth of clothing, including Uniqlo's patented Heattech line.

At the same time, Fast Retailing is also giving shoppers a way to help. All company-owned stores worldwide, including New York's Uniqlo, Theory, and Comptoir des Cotonniers boutiques, will soon house donation boxes. Drop off clothing for victims of the disaster, and they'll make sure it gets to the right place.

UPDATE: Fast Retailing is still working to coordinate donation details in the US. At this time, the Uniqlo in Soho is not accepting donations. Full details this way.
· Fast Retailing Efforts for the Earthquake in Japan [Fast Retailing]

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