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Uniqlo Soho Isn't Currently Collecting Clothing Donations

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Don't go running over to Uniqlo with a bag of used clothing this evening. While the brand's parent company is indeed planning to collect donations for victims of Japan's earthquake, the Soho store hasn't set up the boxes just yet. (A tipster sent us the photo above, of a Uniqlo trash can, with the note "This is the only bin they have.") Bins or no, Uniqlo's parent company Fast Retailing has thrown together their response to the crisis with impressive speed. We'll let you know when the donation boxes are up and running around the city.

UPDATE: Our Fast Retailing contact says that organizers on this side of the Pacific are working to coordinate with the Japanese offices, but it's a challenge due to the rolling blackouts. At the moment, US stores are not accepting clothing donations; the company feels that the most efficient way to help is through donating money (which you can do at the Red Cross website). We're told the policy might change, though, and we'll be the first to let you know if it does.
· Uniqlo Collects Clothing Donations for Victims of Japanese Earthquake [RNY]

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