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College Student Sells First Spot in Fifth Avenue iPad 2 Line

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Above, that's college student Amanda Foote. She's smiling because earlier today, she sold her spot in the iPad 2 line for $900. Foote waited outside the Fifth Avenue Apple flagship for almost 41 hours, powering through sleep deprivation, yesterday's downpour, and an incident in which a stranger stole her donuts. Ultimately, she sold her space to an app developer who told Mashable that he bought it because he wants his new iPad with him when he leaves on a business trip tonight. Foote, who seems remarkably good-natured for a woman who just spent two days being rained on, says she's going to use the money to see Lady Gaga.

· Woman Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line For $900 [Mashable via Daily Intel]

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