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iPad 2 Frenzy Begins; Alexa Chung x Madewell; @Bergdorfs Backlash

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LINCOLN CENTER—The lines have already begun for tomorrow's iPad 2 launch. Just remember: For every person who saw that Tweet and thought, "I'm so glad I didn't spend the day in the rain in front of the Apple store," there's probably an Apple fanatic out there going "I can't believe that bastard gets paid to wait in line for an iPad." [@disinfectant/Twitter]

EVERYWHERE—ThreadNY hears that Alexa Chung, spirit animal to oxford-shod girls the world over, is planning to do another collection with Madewell. [ThreadNY]

MIDTOWN—Yowch. There is a serious @Bergdorfs backlash going on in the comments section of our interview with the department store's chief Twitterer. Have an opinion? Head over here to join the debate. [Racked Comments]

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