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Naeem Khan Swaps Glitzy Gowns for Fencing Gear at His Showroom

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Photos by Anna Fischer

Last night at the Naeem Khan showroom, this happened. Without a hand-embroidered gown in sight, Khan's West 36th Street showroom transformed into a fencing party. Yes, a fencing party, hosted by The Society and complete with strappy jackets, headgear, and a plastic breast-plate, which we were told we'd "be grateful for." We learned first-hand, from Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse and teammate Daryl Homer, that fencing is actually a lot of fun. (The Zacapa Rum cocktails probably didn't hurt, either.) Highlights included one woman who did it in heels and Society members who paired the jewelry designs of Khan's wife, Ranjana, on top of their fencing gear.

The lessons began with a demonstration from Tim and Daryl. After they showed off some basic moves, participants were separated into two lines facing each other. Practice included lunging towards your partner and bopping them on the head (the official terms have already left us), and after that, it was time for the big guns: going up against the pros. For the record, we did defeat Tim (Daryl was a different story). But the best part? Discovering the showroom's intense, disco ball-tiled bathroom.—Tiffany Yannetta
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