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San Gennaro 1, Boutiques 0

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Mayor Bloomberg's office has finally issued a permit for next fall's San Gennaro festival, siding with fair organizers over the complaints of local boutiques. Historically, the fair runs up Mulberry Street from Canal to Houston, but store owners had requested that it stop at Kenmare Street so that their customers wouldn't be scared away by all the sausage stands. The mayor's permit ignores this request, but it does cut the fair's hours slightly: It will now begin at 11:30am rather than 11 and end at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, though that can't be terribly helpful for stores that operate from noon to 8pm. On the Facebook page for supporters of the fair, news of the mayor's decree was met with much celebration. Wrote one fan, simply but eloquently, "BYE BYE YUPRATS." [Curbed, Facebook]