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François Nars Officially Unwraps His West Village Store

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It's mighty frigid outside, but it was plenty warm and cozy inside opening preview of New York's first-ever-standalone NARS boutique. It was also noticeably packed to the rafters with chic black-clad beauty industry types flaunting daringly bold and impeccably applied lip hues. François Nars himself was on hand to unwrap the NARS-branded ribbon and officially christen the shop to the West Village shopping corridor.

"I just love Bleecker Street," the charming M. Nars told us. "I love the West Village because I think it's a really laid back neighborhood. It's very organic, warm and I think it just made sense to open in a smaller street that has much more charm and is more intimate."

The diminutive shop is awash in stark minimalist white. One wall is lined with a sleek mirror and a seemingly endless rainbow of lipstick, blushes, shadows and every type of beautifying cosmetic item known to mankind. Special seasonal colors and beauty products are displayed on small tables in the middle and the exclusive 413 Bleecker matte lipstick and the limited edition Kabuki set are on display in the back.

We've already heard rumblings of collaborations with with neighbors, namely one with the initials MJ. "We're definitely going to do stuff with Marc Jacobs," François hinted. "Marc is making some accessories for me—just fun stuff. Little bags, little things like that that will be sold in the store. So far he's the only one. We might sometime in the future do something with Phillip Lim. Maybe Philip will do a couple things for us, too."

We've also heard lots about the carved marble fireplace, which is a nice contrast to the slick minimalist interior, and the shelves above displaying some of François' favorite things. On offer are books and DVDs (like Funny Girl and Gilda) featuring iconic real and fictional female characters; the goods will be changed out seasonally.

The man of the hour pointed out that most of the items will be for sale, with the exception of a few sentimental décor pieces that he personally supplied from home. When we asked if he considered bolting those precious puppies down (it is New York), to our relief, he replied, "Sometimes."

"There are a couple [gesturing at the wall], like a little tiki from Tahiti. From my Island. And a piece of coral there, too, that's also from the South Pacific because I spend time there." Definitely check that out, along with the the exclusives when the boutique officially opens its doors tomorrow, just in time for the start of Fashion Week.
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