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Off the Deep End and Onto the Ocean Floor with Moschino

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If this is what the infamous Davy Jones' locker is full off, then maybe we wouldn't mind sinking down into the inky depths to shop it. Moschino has made brilliant use of their gallery window again, and this time they're under the sea. Darling it's better / Down where it's wetter / Take it from me.

Okay, now that we've got that little ode to The Little Mermaid over and done with, we can take a closer look at the craftsmanship Moschino put into this single window, to showcase this single, pearl-print navy dress. Several fish, all cut from leather and stitched to form perfectly friendly fish faces, float about as a projector beams diffused, shifting light into the space, as if you too have entered their little aquatic world. And we can all agree that Moschino comes from an imaginative, whimsical world.

A curious little vintage sewing machine sits in there as well, casually reminding onlookers that what's being advertised here is fashion. Nonetheless, is it weird that we kind of want to buy one of the fish as much as one of the dresses? Yes, they're that good.
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