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Filene's Annual Ritual of Bridal Humiliation Returns in Two Weeks

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Image via Life as an Outlier

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Things that are amazing about The Running of the Brides, the annual bridal sale from Filene's Basement: The prices, which range from $249 to $499 to $699 for gowns that originally cost anywhere from $900 to $9,000. The variety of labels, which includes all the usual suspects from The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings. And the totally unique sale culture, which has developed over 60-some years and includes bridal teams dressed in matching t-shirts as if they were cheering for their bride-to-be in the New York City marathon.

Things that are slightly less amazing: The vague sense that the staff of Filene's Basement might be laughing at you for stripping in public, bursting into tears, and otherwise acting like a lunatic at a very public event in the middle of a discount store. The heightened level of emotions around all things wedding-related that inspires such acts of lunacy. The massive crowds—Filene's website reports that Boston often gets a thousand people in line, even if only 250 of them are actual brides—which guarantee that not only will you be surrounded by crying people, but you will be surrounded by many of them.

This year's Running of the Brides takes place at the Upper West Side Filene's on Broadway and 80th two weeks from Friday, February 18, starting at 8am. If you're going to go, first bone up on tips from the very helpful Filene's site and from shopping guru Mizhattan. Filene's will even mail you a pamphlet of tips from brides who found their dream dress amid the chaos.
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