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Duane Reade's Tribeca Nemesis; Runway Show at Horace Mann

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TRIBECA—Today's Tribeca Citizen takes a look at Prime Essentials, the drugstore that's currently preparing to open at Leonard and Broadway. The CEO promises that the company will “make a real push" towards becoming a Manhattan-wide chain and emphasizes that they'll carry housewares and groceries as well as basic drugstore necessities. Duane Reade, you've been warned. [The Tribeca Citizen]

RIVERDALE—Tomorrow night, FAD magazine, the fashion digest published by Horace Mann high school students, is putting on an alphabet-themed runway show to raise money for the Northside Center for Child Development. Before the show, they're hosting a panel discussion on the subject "Is Fashion Art?" featuring Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer, Sophomore NYC designers Madeleine von Froomer and Chrissie Miller, designer and former Project Runway contestant Elisa Jimenez, Teen Vogue editor Mary Kate Steinmiller, and, well, us. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students; those outside the Horace Mann community can RSVP to Having had the pleasure of seeing a FAD editor in action as one of our interns this summer, we can pretty safely say that one day soon we'll all be working for these kids. [RackedWire]

Prime Essentials

88 Leonard Street, New York NY