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Galliano: "I Love Hitler"

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Here's a video of designer John Galliano drunkenly telling two passersby that he loves Hitler. Amazingly, this was shot during a completely different incident than the one that got Galliano arrested last Thursday—although it did take place at the same bar. Last week's victim, curator Geraldine Bloch, filed a police report accusing the designer of pulling her hair, calling her an "ugly, disgusting whore" with a "dirty Jew face," threatening to kill her boyfriend, and then, just in case he hadn't thoroughly destroyed his career already, striking a pose and announcing, "I am the designer John Galliano!" Galliano has responded to the complaint with a defamation suit, but according to the latest updates, his lawyers ought to plan for a busy week—another woman filed a second police complaint against him this past Saturday. [Racked National]