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Bergdorf Goodman's Balloon Sculptures: A Tad Suggestive?

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Images via Jeremiah Moss/Flickr

Jason Hackenwerth is a New York-based artist who specializes in enormous balloon sculptures that look like many-tentacled sea creatures, or possibly bacteria under a microscope. For Fashion Week, he created a series of windows for Bergdorf Goodman that are meant, according to the Bergdorf blog, to call to mind Yves Saint Laurent's "dramatic colorways." Jeremiah of Vanishing New York sees them a little differently, though. In a post today, he wrote, "Artist Jason Hackenwerth's fantastically obscene balloon sculptures have invaded the windows of Bergdorf's." His pictures, above, definitely look a little NC-17, although the shots on the Bergdorf blog are a lot more innocent. What do you think: Are these YSL, or are they just NSFW?
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