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Hot Deals and Hot Sake in Chinatown

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Welcome to Drunk Shopping, our feature celebrating the time-honored tradition of getting totally wasted while the sun's still shining before buying a bunch of debatably useful stuff that the sober you would be too timid or too restrained to take home. Each Friday we'll cobble together a new itinerary starting you off with a boozy Saturday or Sunday brunch before meandering through a few neighboring retailers and happy hours notable for seasonal specials, limited time availability, fantastic deals, recent openings, or new shipments.

It's the weekend, people! Let's do this! Sure, the endless winter of our discontent chugs on—but there's a silver lining we like to call Drunk Shopping. This week: Dim sum brunch in Chinatown.

Why Chinatown, you ask? Well, it just so happens that two of New York's finest, most unique boutiques are having major overstock/sample sales this weekend. And they're located in, or almost in, Chinatown. Anyhoo—dim sum! Fried things, steamed things, things wrapped in other things, noodle-y things, vaguely-sweet things—be daring, just point at whatever looks intriguing! How about Oriental Garden? Dim sum until 4pm, beer, wine and sake, snacks for sharing—mostly priced around $5. Yum.

Now, about those sales: First stop, Project No. 8. Their semi-annual sample sale is blockbuster. It started today and only runs through tomorrow, so do hurry. Look for the edgy chainlet's signature, downtown wares for men and women. We're talking about 50 to 90% off Adam Kimmel, A Detacher, Margiela, Siki Im, Tom Scott, VPL, Maria Cornejo, and Thom Browne.

From there, Gargyle is practically around the corner. You're going for Gargyle's hipster country club aesthetic—possibly a little more accessible than the bleeding-edge selection you just perused. But you're also going because their semi-annual "bin sale" started this morning and runs through Sunday. That means a little rummaging for a lot of deals50 to 80% off—on menswear and womenswear by Vena Cava, Corpus, Rachel Comey, Karen Walker, Fred Perry and United Bamboo. With prices starting at $30, this stop is a no-brainer.

You just saved so much money dim summing instead of eggs benedicting and hitting two major bin-rummaging sales! Now it's time for a splurge. And it'll be worth it—we're hitting up Painkiller on the Lower East Side. Retro-tiki tropical, this place serves big, strong, fruity cocktails that will—along with the hokester Polynesian atmosphere—transport you to a place better than cold, wet, unpredictable New York in February.

Enjoy! And please do share your Drunk Shopping tips, tales, and war stories in the comments!

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16A Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002 917-470-9367 Visit Website


5 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 966-2145 Visit Website

A Détacher

262 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 625-3380 Visit Website

Rachel Comey

95 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012 212-334-0455 Visit Website

Oriental Garden

14 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10013