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"Lola" and Kelly Osbourne Walk Into A Bar, Shoot a Campaign

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Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at the recent Material Girl campaign shoot at Mars Bar and Lit Lounge. Madonna's daughter Lourdes (who is pulling a Madonna right now and going by just Lola) took the Macy's-exclusive, tween fashion line to the two East Village dives and brought with her a very skinny Kelly Osbourne. So did the ground cave in when the cameras started flashing? Lola says no one even paid any attention: "There were some interesting people there. I think they didn't even notice that there was, like, a girl in short shorts being photographed." (Apparently, everyone also didn't notice that Madonna's daughter is only fourteen.) The ads came out more sugar than spice, and somewhere, the brand's former face—an increasingly reckless Taylor Momsen—is having a laugh and dropping some f-bombs.—Tiffany Yannetta
· The Lola and Kelly Show [WWD]


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