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For $800, These Crystallized New York Uggs Could Be Yours

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The inexplicable lines outside New York City's Ugg stores are about to get longer. New York Ugg locations on Madison Avenue, the Upper West Side, and in Soho will soon carry one-of-a-kind Manhattan-inspired boots carefully decorated with the Swarovski crystals...for $800. What exactly does almost one thousand dollars get you? Well, the Empire State Building is outlined in crystals and really, what more do you need?

The collaboration makes sense—to the extent that $800 Ugg boots decorated with New York landmarks could possibly make sense—because both the Empire State Building and the Swarovski boutique are both located on 34th Street. Strategic planning at its best! Rumor has it that Ugg has plans to extend their Swarovski collaboration to other major US citites, but for now, we're the only ones being graced with the sparkly tourist bait.—Yale Breslin
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Ugg Flagship Store

160 Columbus Avenue, New York NY