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Derek Jeter Gets Groomed in an Ever-Changing Soho Ad

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Derek Jeter is usually a private kind of guy—easy for him given his new 30,000 square foot hideaway in Florida—but now Number 2 is letting it all hang out in Soho. Over the last week, a hand-painted mega portrait of the Armani-loving Yankee Captain has gone up on an old brick wall above Crosby and Broome, catty-corner across from the new penthouse digs of French soccer superstar Thierry Henry. The painters re-do their work day after day, chronicling in a very public way Jeter's grooming habits. Day One revealed Derek, his hazel eyes contrasting nicely against rusted cast iron, with a just a bit of a beard over Broome Street. But this vision was not to last.

By the next morning his handsome face had been fully lathered, and the cream stayed on throughout the night. Day Three revealed a clean shaven Derek, with cheeks as smooth as a baby's bottom and his skin all aglow. The next day old DJ looked a bit rough around the edges, with a stump of stubble in need of a sharp blade. Derek's clean shave is all part of a high-priced deal that Jeter has with Gillette. This particular masterpiece was overseen by the creative crew at 24DP and the mad men at BBDO. We can only wonder which version is preferred by Derek's Number One, the sometimes coy but ever alluring Minka Kelly.
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