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Stuart & Wright Helps Fort Greene Put a Ring on It

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Cartier and Tiffany are nice, sure, but they're just so Manhattan. If you're going to declare your eternal love in Brooklyn, borough of rooftop beekeeping and babies named Django, then you need an engagement ring that's as unique as you are. An engagement ring that didn't go to law school. Or did go to law school, but somehow managed to get a job at a company where visible tattoos are considered appropriate legal attire. Luckily, Fort Greene boutique Stuart & Wright just introduced engagement rings, so now you can start planning that upstate bluegrass wedding in style.

We mock because we love, of course—Stuart & Wright has great taste, and the rings are all highly desirable, if not necessarily any cheaper than what you'll find in midtown. And not all of them contain diamonds, which is convenient if you're not quite ready for lifelong commitment but do want to buy your lady (or yourself) a nice Valentine's Day gift. Of the five above, some cost under $600, some are handmade in New York City, and one spells out the word "regard" with the first letter of every gem in the band, which is amazing even if "regard" isn't the most passionate sweet nothing we've ever heard.
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