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Free Frappuccinos with Fashion Week's New Foursquare Badge

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The official sponsors of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week were only just announced and already Starbucks, who'll again be plying their Frappuccino wares in the main tent, have teamed up with Foursquare to offer a special NYFW badge.

It's more Frapp- than fashion-focused, but the "Coffee Fashionably" badge doesn't just spotlight the nearest places to get your caffeine fix. Instead, Starbucks had added tips to scene-y locations around the city, and checking in at three of them (and following the Frappuccino account) will earn you the badge...and maybe tickets to a show or two.

For those actually attending Fashion Week on legit invites, the badge won't be too tempting, as free, bottled Frappuccinos flow like water in the tent. However, for those who wish to "visit" Fashion Week and soak up some of the fabulousness by just hanging around in the plaza, the badge can earn you a free Frappuccino from the Starbucks "Fashion Crew" that'll be in the area. In addition, those who earn the badge are entered into a contest to win invites to (unspecified) Fashion Week shows.

Start checking in at places like In God We Trust, The Bowery Hotel, The Stanton Social and even multiple Duane Reades if you're interested, as the badge is unlockable now. See the complete list of Starbucks Frappuccino-tipped Foursquare venues here.
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