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The Gap's New Soho Store Is Stocked with Denim, Denim Experts

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This morning, the ongoing round of musical chairs taking place at Broadway and Spring in Soho rotated once again when the Gap opened its new store across the street from its old location. The former home, on the east side of the street at 528 Broadway, will soon become luxe Canadian chain Aritzia. As for the new space, on the west side at 513 Broadway, it's no ordinary Gap but a 1969 store space devoted to showcasing the brand's denim.

Following the lead of the 1969 store in LA, the boutique carries the full range of Gap jeans plus store-only cuts and washes and European and Japanese exclusives. Its staffers have been trained in the arcane byways of denim expertise, and it even boasts an iPad table for shoppers who would rather poke a screen than try things on.
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