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Barneys Liveblog Continues: "Help! I'm Trapped in the Shoe Section!"

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Since we previewed womenswear, women's shoes, menswear, and housewares at the Barneys Warehouse Sale yesterday, we're not going to run through them again in detail. Instead, stay tuned for more live updates from Fawnia Soo Hoo as she attempts to survive the first mad rush into the sale.

8:05: So, I'm in the shoe section and the shoppers are excited. I see a pair of purple Kirkwoods for Rodarte in 9.5, Robert Clergerie suede platform perforated leather platform booties ($449) and platform pumps ($274) that weren't out yesterday.

8:08am: Oh help! I'm stuck in the size nine aisle and I can't get out!

8:10am: Just ran into Mizhattan in the size 8.5 aisle. Blogger convention in size eight!

8:15am: It's starting to get crazy in the shoe section. The aisles are packed and girls are trying on like 20 shoes at a time. I hear an ecstatic "They have the YSLs in my size!"

8:17am: I just hit a lady in the head by accident while trying to reach for a pair of ponyhair camo Balenciaga stiletto booties ($349 from $875) in size six.

8:18am: I see the Chanel yeti boots in size six, too. $549.

8:20am: Size seven and 7.5 isn't quite as flush with selection, as usual. I do see two pairs of white Kirkwood for Rodarte heels and Lanvin 2010 and 2009 platforms.

8:21am: There's also a sequined pair of Jean-Michel Cazabat platforms for $159, and I see a pair of Proenza Schouler sandals in blue python for $379.

8:25am: People are starting to get a little (a lot) pushy. Guess they saved all their energy for this. Okay, I'm going to go check out womenswear now.

8:32am: Women's jeans are out now. (They weren't yesterday.) The selection includes James Jeans dark wash ($59 from $180), Acne trouser cut skinnies ($79 from $228), Seven for all Mankind high-waisted Roxette jeans ($89), gray Genetic Denim skinnies ($59), and J. Brand low-rise skinny cargos ($89.)

8:35am: I just walked past the new fitting area on my way to RTW, and it's kind of makeshift-looking, with pink tarp covering some racks to make a semi-walled-off space. The nice thing about the new location is that it's all women down here.

8:38am: So the pants section is being virtually ignored. One person is in there. I saw a big crush in the aisle where the dress and tops are. Let's go see if there's any Marant or Wang left.

8:42am: The Marant tops are still there. Guess no one realizes, or no one wants them. Ooh, I see a long black paneled duster coat with fur lining the back from Alexander Wang. The price tag is messed up, though. It reads $11,959. I'm going to assume $1959 since the original price was $4895.

8:45am: They moved the coats to line the long wall along Women's. I see a couple that I didn't yesterday, like an army green bat-wing cropped military jacket from Edun ($189) and a Surface to Air wool zip trend ($329 from $820). In other news, I just almost fell over some lady's 20-pound garbage bag of clothes.

8:50am: The designer section is busy, although not as packed as RTW. The blue Balenciaga.Silk dresses are gone already.

8:56am: Ooh, this wasn't here yesterday morning! By the designer area, there are four racks of "green label" $29 items featuring Barneys label and Edun pieces. It's all the same: Beige-y, toffee brownish color palette, conservative-looking—tweeds, bouclé, a caramel Edun silk blouse with a high ruffle collar.

8:58am: Just saw a woman pick out a really cute wool Suno cape for $309. I also just found a beautiful purple-gray Givenchy leather jacket with rosette details hidden in the RTW coats. That one is $979. Still, there are some good coats!

9:00am: I'm in the pants section since there's actually breathing room here, and I think this space deserves more attention. I found a pair of pleated and tapered crinkled linen Jeffrey Montiero pants ($114 from $390) and Suno riding pants with embroidered gold-detail side panels ($129 from $320.)

9:03am: I suppose it's probably worth waiting for markdowns on the pants, though, since no one seems to care right now and they're mostly over $100.

9:10am: On to housewares! They finished stocking, which means the random coffee table book selection is here now. This time we have the CFDA cookbook (oxymoron? Just kidding!), In the Green Kitchen by Alice Waters, James Beard's American Cookery—lots of foodie books.

9:13am: There's a ton more holiday decor out, too, so it's a good time to bargain-shop for that.

9:14am: Whoa! Half-naked guy up in men's RTW. Total role reversal up here!

9:15am: OMG and there's a guy with a baby in a Björn!

And with that, we're out. Guys, expect a menswear report around lunch. In the meantime, do bone up on shopping tips with our Barneys Warehouse Sale Survival Guide, updated for February 2011.

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