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New Jersey Mom Sues Century 21 Over Grand Total of 80 Cents

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We've heard our share of complaints about Century 21 over the years, but this is a new one for us. Bergenfield mom Tova Gerson is suing the discount department store because she says it owes her 80 cents. Last month, Gerson used a $5 coupon to buy slightly over $100 in clothes. A week later, she returned a pink two-piece baby outfit because the sizing was off. But instead of giving her the $17.97 she was expecting, the store pro-rated her coupon across the whole purchase and only paid her back $17.17.

To recoup the missing 80 cents, Gerson and her lawyer filed a class action lawsuit. This isn't their first tango: The two tried a similar move against Modell's in 2008, but the NYDN wasn't sure of the results. In any case, Gerson seems to have a pretty good sense of how the suit might be perceived by the public. When the Daily News told her they were planning to write about it, she said "I'd really rather you didn't."
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