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BOMBSHELL: Apple Confirmed for Grand Central Terminal

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Please commence hyperventilating: Cult of Mac has confirmed last week's gossip about Apple looking to open in Grand Central Terminal. And just in case the idea of an Apple store in a historic, star-spangled New York City landmark isn't blowing your mind, they've also dug up the detail that this one will be the largest in the world, outdoing the four-story, 40,000-square-foot Apple store in Covent Garden, London.

The shop will be known as "Apple Store, Grand Central" and it's projected to open sometime next fall, possibly early September. As Curbed points out, though, any opening date is going to be pretty preliminary at this point, since Apple will have to clear everything with the Landmark Preservation Commission. In the meantime, we should probably all begin speculating about where in Grand Central Steve Jobs plans to fit over 40,000 square feet of Apple products. The best suggestion being batted around Racked HQ: Apple Oyster Bar!
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Grand Central Terminal

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