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It Doesn't Get Any More Fantastically Sparkly Than The Blonds

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Yesterday evening at Milk, a parade of drag queens (including the illustrious Amanda Lepore) made their way into the boxcar-like elevators and up into the front row of The Blonds' Fall 2011 runway show. That alone was spectacle enough, but oh no?this is The Blonds for heaven's sake, and it was about to get real.

The lights dimmed, a brief but energetic video that exhibited The Blonds' inspiration played, and when the lights again went up, it wasn't models who emerged but two dancing Chinese lions. There were squeals of delight from the crowd, who still had yet to see a single fashion, but oh wow was the wait worth it. The first look?a majestically elaborate gold corset and panty set complete with Thai headdress and dangerously long finger jewelry?managed to overshadow the dancing lions and elicit applause that continued sporadically throughout the rest of the show.

Look after shimmering Asian-influenced look marched on the catwalk, soon to be seen next on the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna or perhaps Eve, who sat front and center observing the show. Will they pick the "All Eyes On Me Corset," or the "Mahogany Golden Dragon Catsuit," or possibly the "Fellini Thai Bead Crystal Corset?" Who cares so long as they pair them with The Blonds' custom Christian Louboutin shoes.

All in all, this show was true spectacle as art. Each piece deserves a glass display of its own, or at the very least 15 minutes of fame on a stage with a million eyes on it.

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