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Photog Bait of the Day: Kerli, the Estonian Lady Gaga

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Flash bulbs are the drug of choice during New York Fashion Week, for everyone from the models to the editors to the random passers-by outside the shows. Thus, there is much dressing for the camera, hoping that a lens focuses on the flamboyance. Each day during NYFW, we'll bring you the most obvious photog bait, as snapped by us.

When we saw her from across the Fashion Week main tent, we knew we had found one of our best Photog Bait subjects yet, and?as it turns out?an Estonian super star as well. Kerli is actually a signed to Def Jam Records, and has her own iPhone app (thank you, Wikipedia). If it wasn't for her handlers correctly spelling Kerli's name for us, we doubt we would have ever figured out the Lolita's true identity.

So what was she doing at Fashion Week? Hanging out before the Tibi show, from what we could tell, wearing perhaps the most concentration of the color baby pink of anyone else in New York City last night.
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