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Meet the Dapper Fellow Who Waters the Grass Inside the Tents

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Hundreds of workers help maintain the tents at Lincoln Center, but our favorite might be Tyler T. Stubbs, the well-dressed gentleman who keeps the topiary fixtures alive. Tyler is the production manager at McNabb Roick Events, which means that he's in charge of all manner of Fashion Week odd jobs. After a week of watching him water the plants in various debonair ensembles, Racked special Fashion Week correspondent Martin Mulkeen sat him down for an interview.

Racked: We are nearing the end of the week and the grass still looks so healthy and verdant! In fact, judging from overheard conversations, most people think the grass is fake. What's your secret?

Tyler: Keeping the grass green is tougher than it looks, but it is a hearty wheat grass so it tends to stay green on its own as long as there is water. In this heated tent, though, the grass constantly needs water.

Racked: Do you have much experience with gardening or groundskeeping?

Tyler: I have done groundskeeping and gardening before. I am a jack of all trades. I only wish that my boss would let me get here earlier in the day when the lobby is not so full, so that my work is unencumbered.

Racked: What trends are you seeing this year?

Tyler: Trends are illusory. Everything is always in flux.

Racked: Describe your personal style. How are you fitting in with the Fashion Week crowd?

Tyler: I have noticed that some people really will wear anything to get attention. I like the people who look smart and go unnoticed. Regarding my style, personally if I thought it was cool when I was six years old, it is still. Therefore when I am not in a coat and tie for work, I am wearing vintage skate or surf or rock n' roll tees and a nice pair of slim fit blue jeans. Oh, and of course a killer pair of hi-top sneakers.

Racked: What's your favorite show you've seen so far?

Tyler: My favorite so far was Betsey Johnson. She has such a fun style and flair. What was so great to see was that for her non-couture collection she brought out regular everyday people to walk the runway. She also did a roundhouse at the end of the show. I have not seen any other designers do that!

Racked: The week is almost over. As temperatures outside drop, they're pumping up the heat inside the tent. Is the grass gonna make it?

Tyler: Some of the grass will not make it to the end of the week. Some of it will and the grass that does make it will be reused somewhere.
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