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Is It Easier to Sneak into Fashion Week if You're Male or Female?

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Hopper and Weiss in their fashion disguises via <a href=";_ylt=As9osHtLU56r4ZzIk_jjFelhbqU5#photoViewer=4">Shine</a>
Hopper and Weiss in their fashion disguises via Shine

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Dan Hopper of VH1 comedy blog Best Week Ever and Piper Weiss of Yahoo women's site Shine just teamed up on a social experiment to determine which sex has an easier time crashing the shows at Lincoln Center. The results were inconclusive, but they did learn some important things about how the fashion industry works.

1.) It's much easier for guys to look fashion-y than girls. An unnamed "fashion expert" told Hopper and Weiss that if they wanted to fit in, they should dress like crazy people. Hopper assembled a bag of props including a hockey mask and a trucker hat, but ultimately just decided to wear Terry Richardson glasses. Weiss created an ensemble that involved a leotard, a Star Wars belt, and a hair bow. Hopper wound up looking like a fashion photographer; Weiss wound up looking like a lunatic.

2.) There's no need to create a fake access or an elaborate ruse. Hopper was all ready to break out one of his three foreign accents—Cartoony-British, Bruno, or Pittsburgh—and had even invented a fake fashion blog called, in case anyone stopped him on his way into the tent. Sadly, no one did.

3.) Fashion week really is just a giant trade show. Nobody ever believes this, but it's true. Upon gaining entry to the tent, Hopper and Weiss were dismayed to find "a mundane and thoroughly unfashionable collection of assorted merch tables." Both of them seemed utterly taken with the life-sized horse lamp, though.

4.) Getting into the tent is easy, but getting into the show itself is tough. Hopper and Weiss wanted to see the 11am Carlos Miele runway show, which was a problem for Hopper because he kept calling the designer "Carlos Mencia." None of his tricks worked, and he only gained entry by making a big deal about how he works for VH1. As for Weiss, she put on her best "Don't mess with the girl in the leotard" face, got out her cell phone, and stomped past the guards while pretending to be talking to someone about how much she hates Fashion Week.

5.) Fashion shows are a lot like Comic-Con. Apparently everyone at Comic-Con is armed with multiple cameras, just like at runway shows. We wouldn't know, having never been. But maybe next time we'll put on our best sci-fi fan costumes and sneak in, just to turn the tables.
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