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Betsey Johnson's Lower-Priced Line; Kim Kardashian Graffiti

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LINCOLN CENTER—Last night, Betsey Johnson unveiled two new lines: Pink Patch, which is more gently priced, and Black Tag, which is a little more high-end contemporary. Check out these shots of the Pink Patch looks from our sister site. Not only are they classic Betsey—think plaid, pirate insignia, hearts, winking eyes, aggressive cuteness—but each piece costs under $100. [Racked National]

SOHO—Obviously, we don't endorse scrawling mean things about Kim Kardashian's ladyparts on the windowsill of Dash, her Spring Street store. But since we are sworn to the sacred obligation of covering New York City retail news, we feel duty-bound as journalists to inform you that someone has done just that. Evidence after the jump. [Racked Inbox]

Lincoln Center

Columbus Avenue and W. 62nd Street, New York NY