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The Five Worst Moments from Saturday's Mob Scene at Milk

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At 7pm on Saturday evening we trucked on west to Milk Studios for a few of the numerous Fashion Week events taking place that hour—we were booked for Billy Reid and also hoped to check out Suno and Illesteva. Elsewhere, Erin Fetherston and Pamela Love were presenting and Altuzarra's guests were queuing up for an 8pm runway show.

We're not sure what happened—whether it was just too much and too many at once, if there were actual issues with security or the elevators—but it was an absolute mob, just wall-to-wall people. After almost an hour of waiting, with shows about to end, we were still a hundred feet and hundreds of enraged, smart phone-wielding people away from the elevator—which we only saw open and close about four times.

While stuck, we witnessed a fair amount of hilarity (we're a firm believer in just laughing at situations like these, it's better than crying). Here are some of the most ridiculous moments.

5.) A conversation between a few bold-faced names from a bold-faced department store included several profane comments on the situation, the discussion of who had already walked out in a huff (major magazines, major buyers), a run-down of shoes at Alexander Wang, sympathy for freezing models presenting on the Standard's pop-up ice skating rink, and excitement over (key trend alert) the man poncho.

4.) There was a woman directly in front of us who talked extensively about her collection of wood chips. Don't worry, she had photos on her phone.

3.) At one point a couple dozen line-waiters defected right in search of a stairwell. We considered following suit. About 90 seconds later they returned to the line—hunched, tails between their legs.

2.) Certain shows provided guests with little stainless steel lanyards—presumably to keep guests of other shows from wandering in and out of a presentation they might not have been invited to. Let's just say we wish we had a dollar for every tiny, shrill woman who dropped hers and proceeded to freak out about not being able to find it on the ground among thousands of high-heeled and designer-booted feet.

1.) At another point we actually progressed forward about eight feet. The girl next to us compared the situation to a cattle call. The lot of us: Fashion cows.
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