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Moncler's Massive Grand Central Dancing Flashmob: VIDEO

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By now you may have already heard about Moncler's massive fashion/dance/flashmob performance last night at Grand Central Terminal, and if you caught our tweets about it, you may have even been there yourself since it was open to the public in the main hall. If we had to describe it in a few words, it's got to be the simple but poignant "very impressive." We mean?the organization and money and everything needed to pull this off! Staggering!

Anyways, we have good news and awesome news for you. The good news is that we got to check it out from the balcony level and we didn't fall over, despite being constantly buffeted by editors who'd drunk too many flutes of champagne (one of whom dangerously dropped a glass over the edge). The awesome news is that we have a video of the entire show.

It started like this: all of the invited guests and press were set up on the balcony, while the lower main hall filled with random passersby who noticed all the cameras poised and pointed down at them. Many stayed; the crowd became a spectacle of its own. And then the lights came on, revealing some Moncler models in full ski gear?yellow mittens, red snowsuits, all in ski goggles?standing stock still amidst the masses.

And then the show lights came on and the music started. More models ran into the fray, now a cleared space where they could freely dance without fear of smacking NY Rangers fans or Sunday night tourists from the suburbs in the face. Think of a popular dance style?the Moncler mob performed it to a medley of music. The Charleston and the Thriller walk? Yep. Full-on booty shaking? Oh yea. The wave? That was a surprise. Our heart was pounding more during this show than at any others thus far, only partly due to the drunkies pushing in from behind us as we leaned over the railing.

The entire dance-flashmob lasted ten minutes, and what a ten minutes it was. Sure, we didn't get to see the clothing up close, but it's Moncler; these puffy coats and snowpants will make it to the stores regardless. Moncler, during Fashion Week, is more about the spectacle than anything else, and they're one of the few brands bringing it this time.
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