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Elise Øverland Presents: Models on Ice!

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Photos and video by Cynthia Drescher

It's a tough job being a model. Sometimes you have to swing from chandeliers or repel down from the ceiling, or stand for an hour on an ice rink in freezing temperatures, in sky-high Alejandro Ingelmo heels. Fortunately all their hard work pays off, as the Elise Øverland presentation last night?on The Standard's outdoor ice rink?was fan-frickin-tastic.

There were massive (and massively colorful) fur coats! Lovely, swingy leather coats and jackets with prismatic shapes and shades! Hot chocolate! Belvedere-spiked cider! And Johnny Weir! The entire fashion show was really a performance, as a small contingency of models stood their ground on center ice while actual skaters twirled around and amongst them, everyone clad in Øverland's designs.

The skaters were obviously relishing the experience, spinning about in the feather-trimmed or mint patent leather-accented pieces; one girl in a soft-folded, short tangerine dress was really working it hard.

After a while?the performance lasted for an hour and was totally visible to the public?our hands were so frozen we could barely work our camera controls. And just then Olympic champion figure skater (and frequent Fashion Week face) Johnny Weir emerged onto the ice in a floor-length silver robe trimmed in black fur. His makeup?by Napoleon Perdis?owed much to the recent influence of Black Swan.

Weir hit the ice for a full routine, around and around the ice castle he went and little screams of excitement were heard in the crowd, which had swelled on all sides of the rink to almost reach the street. For his finale, Elise Øverland joined him on the ice in her heels, took a bow, and not a second later was there a mass stampede to get inside to the warmth of The Standard.

Did everyone freeze their butts off? Yes. Was there a long wait for Weir? Yes. But did everyone have a great time and talk about it and the clothes for the rest of the night? Oh yes.
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