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'Hey, Mom, We're on QVC with the Kardashians'

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The elevator opened to a rough loft space in the old New York Times building off Times Square. We walked past a red carpet choked with 20-something girls and their arms straining to snap Blackberry photos of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet, and?boom?we were live on QVC. We called our mom to confirm this, even. Thus began one of the weirdest (and chillest) Fashion Week parties possibly ever.

Co-sponsored by Vogue, the QVC shindig was an on-air selling event, a primetime party with their collaboration designers, who each took time on-stage to sell out their collections to those watching at home, a phantom audience wishing they were in these people's shoes instead.

And judging by the shoes worn by girls in their perkiest party frocks?Christian Louboutins and Brian Atwoods grossly oversized for their feet?these were girls with access to magazine closets. The insider crowd was more than content to be seen swilling champagne in the background of QVC shots, and thus we actually had a great time in the stunning space. Oh, Katrina Bowden and Tinsley Mortimer were over here, Dennis Basso chatting them up. And the Kardashian girls were prepping to pitch their K-Dash line over there.

QVC models, wearing whatever was being sold that minute, did their sashaying on steps in the center of the party, and a plus-size model even made a few cameos. Whoa whoa whoa?a plus-size model at a Vogue party? Yea, it happened.

About the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney: having now seen them up close, it's quite true that they cake on the makeup, and they even admitted to spending up to three hours getting ready before events. On the other hand, they cake on the makeup for a reason; Kim was extremely composed, always cautious of her facial expressions, and dare we say she didn't look too bad, even at 2-foot, point-blank range.
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